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B24online offers B2B and B2C services for companies, entrepreneurs, and buyers around the globe.

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  • 2019

    International marketing campaign


    International marketing campaign to attract new companies, members, and participants. Development of joint business forums with CCIs from around the world. Establishment of permanent representative offices in strategic cities.

  • 2018

    Development of blockchain platforms to fund innovation projects. Development of loyalty system and options to use cryptocurrencies for payment.


    Final development of B24Online’s complete ecosystem. Pilot launch of first trade networks (Made in the CIS, Intrerpod, and other projects with major international producers). Smooth transition to new system using React technology.

  • 2018



  • 2018

    ICO pre-sale


    Launch of ICO pre-sale for B24Online’s new cryptocurrency – the B24. Investors can own part of the company’s growth.

  • 2018

    Creation of tools for partners to launch their own international marketplace


    Example: worldprodexpo.com, connecting to the 30 national and 80 regional trade pavilions at the Eurasian Food Platform in Moscow. Pilot development of retail function, bringing together 150 networks for several countries, including an agreement with the Federation Purchasing Union. Pilot agreement with 127 retail stores.

  • 2017

    Fourth Optics Valley Global Cross-Border E-Commerce Forum


  • 2017

    World E-Commerce Conference in Yiwu, China. along with Alibaba, E-Bay, and Amazon.


    along with Alibaba, E-Bay, and Amazon.

  • 2017

    Awarded the “CIS Leader of Economic Integration” prize


  • 2017

    Cooperation agreements signed with the Eurasian Business Union (EABU) and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) business club


  • 2016

    150 CCIs from 37 countries have joined B24Online, bringing 50,000 companies


    Participating chambers now come from Arab countries and North American, including New York, Los Angeles and Toronto. Presentation at the FBC’s forum in Vienna.

  • 2015

    Development begins on mobile apps and on payment and service system


    B24Online at the Minsk Finance Banking Council meeting. Development begins on mobile apps and on payment and service system. Contract with the European Union of Entrepreneurs (London).

  • 2014

    Winning the “Business Leader of the CIS” award


    Contracts signed with the Business Center and the Finance Banking Council (FBC) of the CIS to create sites for companies.

  • 2013

    Launch of the CCI Project


    A consortium of Chambers of Commerce and Industry from 13 countries and with the partnership of the Business Center of the CIS to provide e-commerce services around the world.

About ICO

Start April 18, 2018, 10:00 AM
Hard cap $40m
Soft cap $2m
Token B24 token
Exchange rate $0.6
Pre ICO -40%
ICO -20% to 0%
Project protocol: ERC20

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B24online offers B2B and B2C services for companies, entrepreneurs, and buyers around the globe. B24online brings together the advantages of e-commerce and social networking.

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All your B2B and B2C solutions in one portal

B24online is an e-commerce platform bringing together more than 50,000 companies from 37 countries in Europe, Eurasia, the Middle East, Asia and the Americas. B24online is a partnership with the Eurasian Business Union and has won awards for promoting entrepreneurship and economic integration in the CIS. B24online offers B2B and B2C services for companies, entrepreneurs, and buyers around the globe. B24online brings together the advantages of e-commerce and social networking. B24online has a partnership with the Eurasian Food Platform in Moscow, a permanent international trade fair with a focus on food and beverages – all of the companies and products at the platform are available for purchase on B24online. Join this “REVERSE ICO” and take b24online to the next level!

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Meet Our Brilliant Minds

Migirov Valery

The Owner & CEO of B24online

Prachie Evgeniy

Advocate, ICO & Blockchain Specialist

Shira Nevo

Web Designer

Sergey Silaev

Software Developer, Blockchain Specialist

Artur Koshtey

Software Developer, Team Leader

Zeev Okun

Software Developer

Keren Danino

Web Designer & Software Developer

Shahar Aparov

Web Designer, Animator

Matias Siver

Google Analyst, Content Manager, Journalist

Shlomi Davidson

Sales Manager

Ilya Abramov

Product Manager

Alex Press

Integrator and Analysis Manager

Michael Dulman

Economist, Banking & Investment Adviser

Aaron Levy-Forsythe

Marketing & Public Relations

Dr. Philipp Windemuth

Currency Regulations and Property Legislation

Fun Facts

37 Countries
51192 Companies
214 Organizations
150 Chambers


B24Online is an international e-commerce marketplace offering a wide variety of B2B and B2C services. With five years of proven success on the market and over 50,000 members and growing, it allows companies to present themselves and sell their products internationally, and to find partners for cooperation and investments. B24Online currently offers services in a variety of languages, primarily English and Russian, and is planning an expansion to create fully multilingual website. 

B24Online allows users – companies and individual entrepreneurs – to create their own online identities, with access to a global marketplace and portal. It allows small companies and large to tap into markets that otherwise would be closed to them and achieve their goals for growth and expansion. In addition to their own accounts on the portal, where they can present their companies and sell their products using B24Online’s payment system, users can choose from a wide variety of easy-to-use templates to create their own full external sites, with completely external domain names, and completely functional sales systems, which are also directly connected to B24Online. All information and services are automatically synced between accounts on the portal and external company sites, meaning that users only need to make updates once. Users therefore can promote and sell their products both on the B24Online portal itself and on their external sites.

A search feature allows users to find potential customers, suppliers, and partners, matching them by sector, region, interest, and other criteria. Companies on different continents can connect and cooperate. Other services include an HR portal, matching candidates and positions; marketing and promotion opportunities; a chat feature allowing users to communicate directly; and automatically generated electronic business cards, for both individuals and companies, allowing users to share their contacts immediately.

B24Online is planning to unveil a comprehensive international payment system based on a blockchain, allowing for rapid, secure transactions across international markets. All transactions, both international and domestic, can be conducted in B24Online’s internal cryptocurrency – the B24 Coin – allowing for immediate seamless exchange between any recognized cryptocurrency or fiat. Users therefore can avoid costly currency exchange fees and denominate all transactions using the B24 Coin, converting to other cryptocurrencies and fiats whenever they want at the current rate. Customers can pay and merchants can receive payment in their currency of choice – crypto or fiat. The B24 Coin can be used to purchase any products and services on the site. By creating an online network where cryptocurrencies can be used easily for e-commerce by real clients and real merchants, B24Online will strengthen the entire international ecosystem of cryptocurrencies, connecting them to the real economy and increasing their international credibility.

B24Online’s ICO will unveil the B24 Token, an internationally tradeable cryptocurrency based on B24Online’s own blockchain, secured by smart contracts. The B24 Token will be issued as a security in compliance with all requirements of the SEC. It will be distinct from the B24 Coin, which will be useable only directly for e-commerce transactions.

Like other cryptocurrencies issued in “reverse ICOS” by successful existing companies, the B24 Token will be fully tradeable on crypto exchanges, with its value derived from the financial success of B24Online as a project. By creating an international market based on cryptocurrency, B24Online will give real companies – large and small – selling real products the chance to increase their profits and develop their own connected sales sites. B24Online is not simply manipulating imaginary money or speculating. As the number of users and sites increases, so will the number of transactions conducted and services used through the project, boosting profits and therefore the value of the token-holders’ investments.

Funds raised from the ICO will be used to expand B24Online, bring new users and partners around the world, add services in additional languages, and support a cutting-edge team of programmers team that will be able to make sure that B24Online’s technology stays faster and smarter than any competitor. The ICO will be reinvested into the company, not simply distributed as profits.
B24Online’s pre-ICO launches internationally on April 18th. Make your investment at B24Online.io.

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